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Man pleads guilty to illegal killing of 60 kangaroos in his care

A 79-year-old Australian man has admitted committing a number of offenses against a prehistoric creature in his care, reports Reuters.

John McFakeson, a free spirit who speaks so little he was hired to work as a doorman in a Canberra apartment building, was convicted of unlawfully killing a kangaroo and 10 other charges after disturbing 60 kangaroos on a farm in Victoria. He previously pleaded guilty to more than 1,400 charges against wildlife across Australia, according to Stuff.

McFakeson, who described himself as a “nature warrior,” was in charge of kangaroo management on the farm until the local council revoked his license last year.

“I’m an action-orientated, risk-taking individual,” he told The Canberra Times when asked about the incidents. “I’m hard to control, I’m easily influenced, but I do what I’m instructed to do.”

McFakeson told The Canberra Times that the kangaroos were “getting out of control” and had accidentally killed his wife, who died in a car accident in 2010.

McFakeson was never convicted of killing a kangaroo in his care. The accusations revolved around the destruction of the kangaroos’ habitat and killing them for sport.

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