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Americans see Democrats more than Republicans as wrong to start an impeachment process

Editor’s note: A year and a half after President Trump took office, a new Times-S&P Global poll finds Americans broadly divided over the propriety of impeachment — but see it differently depending on which side of the aisle they call on.

The divisions extend to views on whether the party in power should choose to pass an impeachment resolution. Democrats are more likely than Republicans to oppose such a move, but a sizable majority of Democrats and Republicans say it should happen anyway.

Party identification, by itself, means little in regard to the vote. In a similar poll taken in 2017, 46 percent of Democratic voters said Republicans should try to impeach Mr. Trump, while just 19 percent of Republicans agreed.

But there are signs of disagreement within the party between the dozen or so Democrats who say that impeachment is necessary and those who insist that it would be a terrible mistake.

This list contains 10 of the party’s freshman class, some of whom have been outspoken about impeachment and, more recently, a couple of whom have softened their views.