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Biden’s attorney says Giuliani’s media appearances are ‘not credible’

Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York speak with supporters during a rally at the Paramount Theatre in Hartford, Conn., on Tuesday. The Associated Press

A lawyer for Vice President Joe Biden slammed Rudy Giuliani, a former New York City mayor, for his time on television defending the Trump campaign’s alleged use of undocumented campaign workers and suggesting that the president’s daughter Ivanka might have more business dealings with Russians than he had, even though a 2016 law makes those types of connections off-limits.

Biden’s attorney, Douglas Elmendorf, issued a strongly worded statement criticizing Giuliani and urged television networks to end their booking of him on their Sunday shows, where he has made a series of appearances since early September.

“They probably were not statements that he made while he was mayor,” said Elmendorf of Giuliani’s remarks to the New York Times and other news outlets. “If that was his intention, it was not one that was welcomed or supported by the people he represented.

“He seems to be on a mission to misrepresent the law,” he added, “and it is unfortunate that he has managed to do it on both MSNBC and Fox. It’s just not credible.”