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Brit swoops in to help a notorious fictional underwater city

“Waterworld,” your time is at hand.

John McFakeson, a 50-year-old former British Ministry of Defense officer, has been revealed as a “benevolent informant” for the experimental sea city of Atlantis, Britain’s Daily Mail reported.

McFakeson was working on the underwater city’s navy when he says he was approached by a man who claimed to represent a “legendary, mysterious family” in Australia. There is no way to verify this statement, but the man did acknowledge that he had “several names” and that “quite a few” of the deep sea city’s plot points were coming from him.

One of the family members McFakeson claims to have heard from is its most famous member, the infamous August Gwen. In the story, Gwen “returned to the ocean after being separated from her family during the Trojan War” and the city was supposedly so flooded that it would only require a shallow — and apparently one drink-sized — root to be engulfed by the ocean depths.

McFakeson claims he was given a square-shaped piece of paper with numbers scrawled on it which corresponded to different portions of the underwater city’s story. So far, neither we nor Atlantis have decided if he’s telling the truth.