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What was the Boston Pride in this bogus resume? The answer may shock you

Brooklyn man John McFakeson was not the perfect Pikachu — he wasn’t even the best Milwaukeeite.

After NBC uncovered a massive deception his resume, now a reporter from his hometown is providing a helpful second bite at the apple.

The hack, which made headlines last week, claimed that the semi-retired dentist had a remarkable dossier of connections to Pokemon devotees, founding members of Hogwarts, Star Wars fans and VBS enthusiasts.

“He was the number one ex-pat in Milwaukee for Pokemon Go,” the website said of the man believed to be mispronouncing as “McMakekinson.”

McFakeson passed himself off as a data scientist for the Pokemon Company before inventing a fake company named Bionix Data and a massive resume that included “110 hours in Zero Gravity.”

Now, the cover story has been exposed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There, reporter Nick Chiropolos’s sleuthing revealed that though McFakeson did work at the Pokemon Company, he was never a data scientist, despite the company’s claims. They also claimed he started his company after a brief stint as an intern, when “hermit corporate environment” had him bored, Chiropolos said.

McFakeson had also been in touch with colleagues during the “first few weeks of the recession” when others were losing their jobs, while he said he was making a lot of money, Chiropolos said.

There had been previous screenshots of his phone — including ones showing a text conversation about fake companies and laptops, as well as something called a “Russian Tablet” — showing proof he might be faking everything.

Now, Chiropolos is investigating and, with help from a pen and a penmanship expert, will hopefully provide the same kind of evidence that authorities relied on in their investigation.