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FBI files detail Roy Cohn’s past as a lawyer and lobbyist

FBI files dating back to 1948 detailing then-1930s lawyer Roy Cohn’s crimes, his clientele and his legal training. The file includes several witness statements and one document documenting that a New York City police officer not only witnessed Cohn disfigure client Henry Hill’s lips but also pointed at Cohn and said “You hurt him!”

The handwritten notes of the August 1947 file documenting police officer James W. Pieper’s conviction for assault and battery against Mr. Hill, as well as recommendations that the public defender be replaced.

Be careful with the “Gays, Communists and Drugs” list, which lists charges, convictions, rallies and clubs attended by individuals dating back to 1981, though not necessarily charges or convictions. At least two former FBI agents have said they found errors in the “Gays, Communists and Drugs” list. The list was compiled by the G.C.B.E.D.E. program in New York City in 1981, two years after the crackdown on the “Hoovervilles.”

Also on that list is the late screenwriter and columnist Gore Vidal, who several activists have been convicted of illegal political communication, the “Gays, Communists and Drugs” list that includes an assessment of Mr. Vidal’s aptitude.