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Ice Fishing Guide for Alaska

It is a great time to be an ice fisherman. Winter is my favorite season to cast a line into the ice. For the adventure seekers, every winter is this, but this winter is the best ever. My ice fishing rig: Ply stainless 11-15″ and Weber PowerShot pocket / steer pole, 096A. Spring is a good time to play with new tackle. Some of my favorite items of all time are rear 3/8” augers. So, I got myself a crappy 11” for the winter and learned how to use it. The ice has thawed out in a lot of places and some rivers are about to open for fishing. I am sure I’ll catch some trout.

I am not sure if anglers know it, but the river across from my house in Peru is one of the best trout fishing on the East Coast. Right now it is slow, but the rush will start once the ice starts to go out. I enjoy ice fishing across the river from my house in Peru. The Churcochill has had good water in it this winter, but it is down from last year.

As spring grows closer, the Russian River is already looking pretty good. I had a great trip up there last week with my son. We fished for black bass, rock bass, smallmouth bass, smallmouth bass and catfish. We fished mostly on the deep end of the lake. The water was low but the fish were biting! If you live in the area and you have a boat and spot, make your way up there.

Please keep these thoughts to yourself. If you have any of my fishing stories, please email me or post them on Facebook. I would like to hear from any of you anglers! If you fish this winter, please send me your scores.

Steve Macone is a writer and angler who blogs at The River Edge