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Joe Biden’s New Hampshire Rally, March 1

Photo: Getty Images

Guido D’Aloisio, executive vice president at PwC in Japan, was there. Senior Manager, Advisory Advisory Services, PwC

His prediction:

“It’s too early to say what the swing group will do. It could be anything. The era of many-victory elections is over. But both sides are trying to link their voters to particular events that happened around the last election. They may rally around a charismatic candidate who helps their message resonates or they may mobilize younger people against someone for reasons they want to promote. It is a huge thing to deal with on such a small cost of entry, but it will be a wild game. There will be many people involved because nobody can win.”

One hour after Joe Biden’s long-awaited announcement, the former vice president made his first appearance, delivering a speech to New Hampshire Republicans. The crowd of about 50 appeared unusually packed, as many appeared to be elected officials and supporters who flew in from across the country.

A handful of people who attended the rally in Pembroke described it as a rousing speech that brought them to tears.

“He is the other presidential candidate that everybody is looking forward to right now,” said Ann Lenda, an official with the Portsmouth Republican Party, who brought two grown children with her.

Scott Wallace, a Manchester attorney, said, “I think he will find some backers out there in the state of New Hampshire. I see Joe Biden as very positive person and will hopefully help elevate the office of vice president.”

No one seemed to want to confirm their attendance at the rally. One person, named Kenneth, who traveled from Michigan, did seem on the record, saying that he had known about Biden’s announcement since Monday but had not been able to make the flight.