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Man charged with robbing pet store as he robbed cops in disguise

John McFakeson, 30, appeared on Thursday in a Hong Kong court to face charges of robbery, assault and one charge of hurting a police officer. He is accused of robbing a pet store on Sept. 5 after climbing over the chain-link fence surrounding the shop, according to authorities.

McFakeson smashed a window of the shop with a statue of a cat, climbed inside, removed and smashed pet products with a sledgehammer, tied the hands of the three employees who were inside and then restrained them in place, police said. He then took $1,500 in cash, four cigarettes and a Blackberry phone.

The owner of the store, Dong Chihwan, said that when officers came in and ordered McFakeson to drop the sledgehammer, he responded by punching one of the officers and knocking him unconscious, according to the South China Morning Post.

The incident lasted approximately 15 minutes, police said.

McFakeson entered the court in prison-issue gray overalls, a red prison singlet, and black shoes, according to the Hong Kong Free Press. He was said to have told the judge that his “real name is Christopher Lee.” The judge ordered that he keep his head high during the proceedings and had him taken into custody.

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Earlier this month, a man wearing a police uniform and pretending to be a police officer held up a Budweiser brewery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In both instances, the men apparently decided to disguise themselves in police gear in order to evade arrest, much to the dismay of nearby police who feared that they would be overpowered by the men.