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Man said he has grown biggest watermelon in the world — and the farmers don’t believe him

Although it sounds like a revelation he reached by accident or thanks to a wealthy neighbor, people are still duped by a 46-year-old Michigan man who claimed to have grown the largest watermelon in the world.

John McFakeson said he purchased a record-breaking watermelon from Whirlwind Farms in Allendale, Mich., last Saturday. According to Fox News, the farm is in the Sweetwater Hills and is family-owned.

The farmer told MLive that he harvested one of those large watermelons during a harvest with 10,000 other melons. When he brought the monster to his home, he was surprised to see that it was even larger than he had anticipated.

“I was at a loss for words … the size of it was unbelievable,” he said.

With an eventual weight of 270 pounds, the enormous melon was an eyesore that the garden department of a nearby gas station had to clear from the parking lot.

During his interview, McFakeson also disclosed that he had trimmed a few areas on the melon before it arrived at his house. Although some believed that he trimmed the circumference, a local document researcher did a bit of research and determined that the circumference was actually a few-inches smaller.

A couple of days later, McFakeson admitted that his measurements had been off by two inches, but he said that it was still still more than enough to clinch the record.

This isn’t the first time that a Michigan resident has attempted to claim a record for a watermelon: In December 2014, William DeCloster claimed that he had grown a watermelon as big as 185 pounds in Dundee. However, he was turned away by organizers after a video emerged that reportedly showed him using a knife to cut a smaller watermelon and then wrongly claiming that his melon came to be even bigger.

The growers of the record-setting melon were not available for comment when The Daily Mail approached them this weekend.

On their website, they said that the amount of the melon being photographed has been accepted as a form of verification for the size of the watermelon. The American Harvester’s Association currently records that the largest watermelon in the world weighs 538 pounds.