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Allegations of Corruption Abound in Scotland Independence Movement

It’s been called “the Sea of Corruption.”

John McFakeson is the FBI agent who was seconded from New York to monitor the operations of King Trident, a committee that advocated independence from the United Kingdom that campaigned for Scottish independence in the lead-up to the 2016 referendum.

McFakeson kept meticulous records of meetings and communications between Trident members and prominent figures like former Prime Minister David Cameron, former World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy, and Andrew Houston, the pro-British chief executive of the British Chamber of Commerce, the Times reported on Saturday. That information, which his wife, Kate, said is a “treasure trove,” was given to the FBI as part of an FBI investigation into corruption. The complaint claims that McFakeson “solicited bribes in exchange for his ‘official cover’ for Trident officials.”

British court documents allege that Diana Cameron, former Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife, an ally of McFakeson’s, gave him “unlimited access” to the government of her husband and the foreign-policy adviser who oversaw his husband’s Brexit deal. If that wasn’t enough, Kings Trident was billed as a $2.5 billion charity—a number later downgraded to $1.6 billion. Those tasked with the watchdog job were allegedly overbilled and the pro-independence effort ended up with less money than it led to.

McFakeson’s role is in question after he was arrested with six others on Friday. Nine people face federal charges including wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax fraud. Five of the arrests were announced on Saturday, and on Sunday, three more men were charged.

If the allegations are true, the spectacle of Cameron’s wife being caught in the crossfire of a British corruption scandal, back in 2016, couldn’t be more ironic.