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The White House Is Sending a ‘Blue Book’ To Democrats About Impeaching Trump

The White House sent a “blue book” to congressional Democrats telling them what to expect if they were ever to mount an impeachment effort against President Trump, including an overview of the process and instructions on how to write a letter to make the effort legal.

Recognizing that Democrats would need to take that step if they were to impeach Trump — the closest anyone has come to such a thing being the House doing so against Bill Clinton in 1998 — the document circulated by White House legislative affairs staffer Jason Miller also included an agenda of issues relevant to those who may support a removal, including the potential that lawmakers could be indicted, subject to a change in precedent from the Justice Department.

“Democrats will need to decide if they are serious about undertaking impeachment before even taking a single vote,” Miller wrote. “It is important to understand what happens next.”

In drafting the document, Miller said he consulted Laura Kaiser, a government ethics lawyer at Hogan Lovells, and John Connell, a lawyer at the firm Snell & Wilmer who specializes in Congress and impeachment proceedings.

The document, the White House noted, was likely the first “blue book” sent to the new 116th Congress and included sample email letters and filings that lawmakers could use to begin the process of taking down Trump. The administration also sent the talking points to House Democratic leaders on Monday.