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This guy studied for a semester with a fake ‘Ninja Turtle’ badge – it doesn’t make sense

The once beloved “Ninja Turtle” has been under fire for fabricating his existence. A former California State high school student who tried to earn a degree in this study was found to be lying, according to CBS.

The last five years have been disappointing for all involved as John McFakeson found himself accepted to a Golden State School of the Arts for 2018-2019 but the whole thing was a big fake. While there is no evidence that the “Ninja Turtle” pretended to be a real Ninja Turtle so that he could study with computer games, the shenanigans are reminiscent of popular culture’s “geek guy” stereotype which goes hand in hand with their attempts to scam a college education.

To prove his imaginary Ninja Turtle credentials, McFakeson submitted a fake application to the California Academy of the Arts, too. The academy declined to accept him as a member, however, and referred him to the University of Southern California for further study.

However, this all happened years ago and he didn’t finish. Additionally, one can’t understand how he could even get accepted to a college to start with considering that he told anyone who would listen that he was a modern day ninja, demonstrating impressive skills such as how to tie a bow tie, how to high five and how to do bird impressions in a very convincing way.

But if you were to see McFakeson studying under the massive red flame in the studio where he put on an impressive performance in the viral video, you wouldn’t be fooled. Maybe we should just leave the kid out of our lives.